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Our goal is to help you move better. Together with our team of trained professionals, we help you regain strength, flexibility and stability in your body.

ReGen Physio & Wellness, Mississauga

We are a professional Physiotherapy clinic in Mississauga that strives to attend, treat & educate our patients about their physiotherapy needs.

Are you active in physical sports, experiencing backpain or recovering from surgery? No matter your situation, the Studio One physiotherapists can create a customized plan that keeps you as mobile and comfortable as possible.

What Services Do We Offer?

ReGen Physio & Wellness specializes in preventative physical therapy, treating sports injuries, massage therapy and of course, orthotics. Under the guidance of Raymond Li, the team caters to your needs for improved movement and posture.

Do I Need Physical Therapy?

Physiotherapy deals with the movement of the body which affects nearly every single aspect of daily lives. That is why seeing a physical therapist is very common.

Physical therapy is often prescribed to patients with chronic health conditions like arthritis and patients recovering from an accident or surgery but also to those living healthy active lifestyles like athletes.

Attending physio can be part of both a preventative routine or as a treatment plan. It can help you with managing pain, stiffness, restricted movement, posture issues or difficulties with balance. It is also often recommended to people requiring a change to a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Common Conditions

Unsure if you need physiotherapy? These are examples of the most common conditions people visit their physiotherapists for.



Tendonitis is the inflammation or swelling of tendons, often caused by straining repetitive motions or sudden movements during sports and manual labour. Commonly affected tendons are the Achilles heel, the rotator cuff in the shoulder and the patellar tendon in the knee.



Arthritis is a chronic condition which progresses with age – joints are inflamed causing stiffness and pain. Specific physiotherapy exercises can offer relief of some of the symptoms, slow down its progression and provide patients with techniques to live more comfortably with arthritis.


Back Pain and Neck Pain

Pain in the upper or lower back and stiffness or soreness around the neck are two of the most common complaints among adults. Physical therapy can address the issues causing the pain and discomfort and offers long-term solutions.



Dizziness is a common symptom of many underlying conditions. Through physical therapy, patients can learn to adjust their posture, gait and movement to manage or compensate for the dizziness.


Sprains, Strains and Tears

These are general terms for the most common (sports) injuries. Through PT exercises and treatments, these injuries can be treated holistically, often without the need for the more invasive options such as surgery.


Rehabilitation After Surgery

Surgery places a lot of strain on our bodies and requires proper rehabilitation to return to full mobility. Physical therapy is an integral element of recovery after surgery as it promotes faster healing and helps prevent musculoskeletal complications.


Poor Posture

Many people have poor posture but are not aware of it until they experience pain and discomfort, most commonly back pain. Physical therapists can advice you on the best exercises and lifestyle changes to improve your posture and general health.


Spine Misalignment

There are many possible causes of spine misalignment and many common symptoms associated with it including headaches, back pain, neck pain, stiffness, limited range of motion and fatigue. A PT can analyse its causes and prescribe a custom treatment plan that will alleviate the associated symptoms.

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