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Hello, We Are ReGen Physio & Wellness

ReGen Physio & Wellness is a Mississauga-based physical therapy service. We offer physio and massage therapy to treat (sports) injuries, physical developmental conditions, pain management and physical rehabilitation.

Our experienced physical therapists create personalised treatment plans to meet your specific needs. Whether the goal is recovery from surgery, minimising symptoms or simply improving your posture, our team has the expertise to make you feel and move better.

What Is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, helps make sure your muscles, tendons, joints and bones work as well as they can. It focuses on:

  • Strengthening muscles
  • Improving movement
  • Improving mobility
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Pain management, incl. chronic conditions
  • Preventing (sports) injuries
  • Bettering posture

Physical therapy can be part of your medical treatment plan for many different health conditions. Examples include:

  • Respiratory conditions
  • Orthopedics
  • Cardiovascular conditions
  • Neurological conditions
  • Women’s health
  • Senior health
  • Developmental paediatrics

Visiting a physical therapist can also help you with your overall health. Our PTs can advise you how to keep your body in better shape, improve your stamina and strength.

When to See a Physical Therapist

A physical therapist can help you in the prevention, treatment and recovery of conditions. PT plans are always personalised since nobody’s situation is the same.


Seeing a physiotherapist on time can help prevent more serious conditions. We use our bodies every single day and we may not be aware of the pressures we place on our muscles, tendons and joints.

In the prevention stage, you might want to see a physiotherapist if:

  • You are playing physical sports
  • You have a job with repetitive motions
  • You frequently do heavy lifting at work or at home
  • You have an office job that makes you fill stiff
  • You have had a sports injury in the past
  • You need stress relief through therapeutic massage

All these situations can put pressure on your body, often by wearing down your muscle tissue or joints. In the long run, this can lead to inflammation, soreness, stiffness and even injuries.

It is always better to prevent rather than to treat so if you need advise on how to stay mobile, flexible and strong, come see us at ReGen Physiotherapy Mississauga.


In the treatment stage, a physiotherapist will look at your medical background and develop a personalised plan. Doctors from other medical fields often send patients to PT when treating chronic conditions.

In the treatment stage you might be seeing a physiotherapist if:

  • You have pain such as back pain, knee pain, wrist pain etc.
  • You have a chronic condition like arthritis
  • You suffer from incontinence
  • You are pregnant or have given birth and need pelvic strengthening
  • You are a senior and want to maintain mobility
  • You have a sports injury
  • You are suffering from headaches, dizziness or vertigo

PT treatment plans are designed to make your body stronger and prevent symptoms from becoming worse. It is often a long-term plan which you should continue on even after you stop seeing a physiotherapist.

The physiotherapists at Studio One can teach exercises to help you build the necessary muscle strength, make you more flexible and give you a better range of motion. These are the three core elements of physical therapy.

We can develop treatment plans that stand on their own or consult with your other doctors to meet their prescribed treatments, too.

Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture involves the insertion of very thin needles through your skin at strategic points on your body. A key component of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is most commonly used to treat pain. Increasingly, it is being used for overall wellness, including stress management.

Dry Needling Therapy

During dry needling, a practitioner inserts several filiform needles into your skin. Filiform needles are fine, short, stainless steel needles that don’t inject fluid into the body. That’s why the term “dry” is used.

Practitioners place the needles in “trigger points” in your muscle or tissue. Dry needling is also sometimes called intramuscular stimulation. The points are areas of knotted or hard muscle.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is a type of alternative therapy that originated in China. It involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. The suction may facilitate healing with blood flow.

Gua Sha Therapy

Gua sha aims to move energy, known as qi or chi, around the body. The treatment involves using a tool to rub the skin in long strokes, applying enough pressure to create minor bruising.

Gua sha may help to break down scar tissue and connective tissue, improving movement in the joints. The treatment does not have any serious side effects but is not suitable for those with certain medical conditions.


Physiotherapy is an important part of recovery from injuries, surgery and certain diseases. It helps get your back body back to where it was before you suffered an injury or medical condition.

In the recovery stage, you might see a physiotherapist for:

  • Regaining mobility in your hips, legs, arms, wrists etc
  • Strengthening muscles that have been affected by surgery or disease
  • Retraining body parts to function
  • Learning to live with medical devices such as prosthetics
  • Learning to walk on crutches
  • Improving cognitive functions
  • Relaxing muscles through massage therapy

Physical therapy is a common element of a recovery program. Even if you have suffered from something that may not seem related to muscles and bones, you may be assigned PT.

Your recovery sessions may take place at a hospital, other healthcare facilities or at a private treatment center like Studio One Physiotherapy. You can discuss with your care providers which type of location best matches your needs.

What You Can Expect from Your Visit to Studio One Physiotherapy

Your first visit to Studio One Physiotherapy starts with an assessment of your situation. One of our physiotherapists will ask you about what is bothering you, your lifestyle, routine activities and any medical conditions you may have or treatments that you are following.

The PT then sets a personalised plan with all the exercises and possible equipment that you need. They will teach you how to do these exercises properly so you can do them at home in addition to your sessions at Studio One Physiotherapy.

Come visit our location so we can help you back to a healthier, stronger and more active you.