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We're now located at 154 Queen St S, Unit #116, L5M 2P4, Mississauga, Ontario


We are a professional Physiotherapy clinic in Mississauga that strives to attend, treat & educate our patients about their physiotherapy needs.

Are you active in physical sports, experiencing backpain or recovering from surgery? No matter your situation, Regen Physio & Wellness can create a customized plan that keeps you as mobile and comfortable as possible.

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ReGen Physio & Wellness, Mississauga

ReGen Physio & Wellness, based in Mississauga, is committed to delivering expert physiotherapy care, addressing, and educating on individual physiotherapy needs.

Whether you’re engaged in sports, dealing with back pain, or recuperating from surgery, our skilled physiotherapists at ReGen will tailor a treatment plan to ensure your maximum comfort and mobility.

Physical therapy
physical therapy

Tailored therapy for recovery and prevention, focusing on pain relief, injury rehab, and holistic health.

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Sports Injuries
sports injuries

Specialized care for athletes, ensuring quick recovery and performance enhancement.

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ReGen Physio & Wellness, Mississauga

Unlock Your Body’s Full Potential

Physiotherapy is essential for optimizing body movement, impacting every facet of daily life, making visits to a physical therapist a common practice. Suitable for individuals facing chronic conditions like arthritis, recovering from injuries or surgeries, and athletes pursuing peak physical condition, physiotherapy serves as a cornerstone for both preventative care and targeted treatment strategies. It offers solutions for pain management, stiffness, limited mobility, postural adjustments, and balance enhancement, paving the way for anyone looking to transition to a healthier, more active lifestyle.

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